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About Arigna Area

About Arigna Area.

Arigna Church dominates the approaches to Arigna. As a stranger enters the valley from any of the approach roads, one of the first buildings to meet the eye is the white church on the hillside. It is set against the backdrop of Kilronan Mountain and the great mining spoilheaps of Derrnavoggy mines. It is an impressive setting.
A plaque high up on the end wall of the church informs us that the church was built in 1830 and was dedicated to The Immaculate Conception of The Blessed Virgin Mary and was restored and refurbished fully in 1930. It seems that the present church replaced one just across the road. History is somewhat hazy about the origins of Arigna Church , but it seems to have been built originally by "The Arigna Iron and Coal Company" the big coal mining Company associated with the area in the early 19th century.

The adjoining cemetery and original presbytery were also donated to the community by this mining company. The original presbytery was Lavin's house opposite the Arigna Hall.

Arigna Mines

The Arigna Mountains dominate the Parish of Kilronan. They are made up of two ancient mountain ranges known as Kilronan Mountain and Corrie or Lynch's mountain. The Arigna River has separated the two ranges and made place for the Arigna Valley between the hills. These hills were the home of most of the Arigna mines. The history of mining in Arigna is rich and very interesting. For a full history of Mining in Arigna, click here
( History ). A mining Museum recalls some of the remarkable history of the past four hundred years in and around the Arigna Valley. A way-marked walking route called "The Miners Way" has been opened and retraces some of the old paths that the miners took when going to work underground. It is one of Ireland's most spectacular and interesting walking routes. Visit the site by clicking here:
( Arigna Miners Way & Historical Trail ).   


The Enterprise Centre in Arigna

The Enterprise Centre in Arigna is the home of Arigna Leader Programme Arigna L.E.A.D.E.R.. This is a European initiative designed to help rural areas especially by allocating grant aid for innovative and viable employment ideas. Arigna Leader caters for all of County Leitrim and about half of County Roscommon or a population of about 60,000 people in the mid-West of Ireland. Two five year programmes have been very successfully completed and Leader Three started in December 2001.
Arigna Enterprise Centre and and the siting of Arigna Leader were the brainchild of the local Community Development Company known as A.C.D.C. This Company is chaired by Seamus Rynn one of the former Arigna miners. The Arigna Leader Company is currently chaired by Padraig Mc Loughlin.